I’ve been sat staring at my computer screen for hours now.  Trying to find the right words for my first blog.  But where to start?  I guess I’m suffering from writers block, which isn’t a particularly encouraging sign when I’m trying to write my first blog!

I shouldn’t be surprised by this, though.  I’m generally a private person.  I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and quietly reflect on things so sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings publically through a blog was always going to feel a little uncomfortable for me. This reminds me of a quote from famous running coach Percy Cerutty (more on him later):

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone”

This quote rather neatly explains what my blog, target 250, is all about.  It’s a record of me challenging myself to do something that puts me outside of my comfort zone.  The challenge is to achieve a top 250 UK ranking over the marathon distance.  In fact, I’ll settle for a top 250 Uk ranking over any distance, but the marathon is definitely my preferred distance.  I identify myself not as a runner, but as a marathon runner.

But to say target 250 is just about achieving a top 250 UK ranking would be to rather miss the point of why I’ve set myself this challenge.  Target 250 is about much more than achieving a particular time or ranking.  It’s about, as Percy Cerutty so aptly describes, growing as a human being, or rather, having the courage to grow as a human being.  And that is why I’ve started this blog.  So without wanting to sound contrite this blog isn’t just a record of my running, it’s a voyage of discovery, an integral part of my journey, a tool for me to learn more about myself, my boundaries and limitations, and to push myself beyond them.

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  1. […] proud of myself for having done it, regardless of the result.  After all, that’s what target 250 is all […]


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