A Modern Day Tale of David and Goliath

Yep, this is genuinely a modern day tale of David and Goliath…set in the unlikely surroundings of Sutton Park in a leafy suburb of the vast metropolis that is Birmingham.  Yes, that’s right, I called Birmingham a metropolis.  But then again Birmingham is my home town so I might be a little biased.  Anyway, back to our story.  Our tale is one of intrigue, mystery, and heroes.  Well, maybe a little intrigue, but certainly no mystery, and as for heroes, I’ll leave that to you to decide!  It began a month ago when my running club competed at the Midland Road Relays and, to our surprise, managed to secure qualification to the National Road Relays.

So it was on Saturday 5th April in the year of our Lord 2014 that 12 brave souls from Knowle and Dorridge Running Club ventured into the unknown….well, we returned to Sutton Park.  On arrival I think most of the team felt a little out of their depth.  We stood in the park surrounded by some of the biggest and best running clubs in the Country, some with a long and rich tradition, of producing world-class athletes.  The difference between our small club and the ‘big boys’ was highlighted when we looked in envy at the ‘entourage’ of the bigger clubs, including tents the size of a big top, rows of flags, and lean athletes clad head to toe in sponsored club gear.  But that’s just running bling and we came to race! Read More

What is Target 250?

I’ve been sat staring at my computer screen for hours now.  Trying to find the right words for my first blog.  But where to start?  I guess I’m suffering from writers block, which isn’t a particularly encouraging sign when I’m trying to write my first blog!

I shouldn’t be surprised by this, though.  I’m generally a private person.  I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and quietly reflect on things so sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings publically through a blog was always going to feel a little uncomfortable for me. This reminds me of a quote from famous running coach Percy Cerutty (more on him later):

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone” Read More

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